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Live everyday to it's fullest potential..

... because tomorrow is not guarenteed.

Proud Mommy & Wife
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♥ Windsor

♥ 26

♥ Married

♥ 3 Beautiful Children (who are my life, my everything)

♥ I live in CT

♥ I work as a Medical Administrative Assistant

♥ I went to school to be a Medical Assistant but the job market is garbage

♥ I am back in school as of Spring 2011 to pursue a Nursing Career but thinking of changing majors! So far so good!

♥ I am Christian (Methodist to be exact)

♥ I am a Liberal

♥ I am a Democrat

♥ Sarah Palin SCARES the hell out of me - she will be the end of the human race

♥ I formula fed and don't ERF

♥ I support Gay Rights (if you have a problem with it-leave now)

♥ I support Woman's Rights

♥ I am against ALL cruelty to animals

♥ I am a PITBULL Lover

♥ I love photography

♥ I am shy, outgoing, timid, loud, nice, a bitch - just all around AWESOME

♥ I live for my family and most of my journal is about my family

♥ My favorite shows are: Bones, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Secret Life of the American Teenager, If You Really Knew Me, Clean House...

♥ I love to read but hasn't actually sat down to read for a long time

♥ I have had the same LJ friends for YEARS and have met some IRL - I love new friends

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